Day 1 (10) Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to.

Dear Tony,
Growing up you were my best friend,
every little girls best friend should be her dad.
We did lots together,
just like you and Minnie now
No I’m not jealous,
somewhere along the line I got used to not talking to you,
saying the distant I love yous’
smiling, greeting, obeying…
You may not know but you hurt me,
I believed you until I found I them,
you forgot them on your table that day,
you hurt her, so you hurt me too.
She became my new best friend because someone else had to be hers.
Mickey learned to ignore the hurt but I’ve always had the problem of feeling too much
I’m fine now,
even though every other 16th June type of day,
my heart breaks a little wishing I meant what I said a little more.
wishing I talked to you just like when we were us,
don’t get me wrong,
I Love You. How Could I Not ?
Thank you for being here, you’re a priceless gift and I don’t plan on loosing you to 
realize that.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 (10) Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to.

  1. You have a beautiful voice Lamide. I know I always say this, but know that I 100 percent mean this. I was going to call you to tell you this, but It’ll get all mushy & I don’t want to hear your stupid head burst from swelling too much. You have a beautiful voice & I am 100% positive that you can go places if you keep writing. You’ve been through quite a bit (and you know how to turn little sad feelings into giant “heart breaks”) so you do have stories to tell. Believe in your self and don’t let people’s opinions of you or what you write stop you from writing. I am watching one tree hill episodes over again right now and I can’t help but see the similarities between you and Brooke Davis (“clothes over bros”)… lol I just lost my train of thought 😉

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