Today’s post is written by Lamide. I love it, I hope you love it too. Have a lovely read people :). She also wrote Missing Rib. That’s lovely too. Please read if you haven’t.


Aunty Hotstuff


Most times
I’d rather be alone,
I’d sit and think
I’d daydream away
I’d live the future in my mind
I’d sleep and dream, somewhat unrealistic things
I’d smile as I think of God’s Love
I’d regret as flashbacks of who I’ve been crosses my mind
I’d listen in the silence
I’d stare at the mirror, studying my face,
Pimples ? “now where did those come from?”
I’d look in my memory box,
Oh how time flies,
“Where did all these people go ?”
They said people always leave, never why,
I guess they just have to,
Somehow with or without you life goes on
I’d stare out the window as people…

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20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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