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Let’s welcome Lamide once again. Yes, you’ve been seeing a lot of her and you will continue to, if you’re happy about that, I share your feelings, if you’re not, deal with it ( ˘̯˘). Lol, but she’s awesome so, Enjoy 🙂

Waking up early has never been a virtue of mine,
Running for a bus, I’d never thought I’d do.
Sweating in the sun as I walk down a long road,
I never even wondered what it’ll be like
Missing my bus stop, yeah that’s me alright
Crossing that overhead bridge, Scary.
So many different people,
Nigerians, just like me,
Yet we all look so different.
What some would consider a struggle,
Others live it everyday.

Making new friends has never been a virtue of mine,
Making “older” friends, even worse,
I’d just stare and be quiet,observing the different personalities before me.
There’s the one that tries to be…

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20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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