Missing Rib

This is one of my favourite articles. And I wrote it. Enjoy 🙂


Hello friends,
Lol today’s post is written by Lamide Wilson (Lamz ^-^). This post is a personal favorite. I particularly love and enjoyed reading this and I hope you do too. Enjoy
From the stables of
Aunty Hotstuff ♥♥
Lol. I’m excited about this post. Drop your comments plix :$

I wish we could have this thing where, I love him, he loves me,
Just like old times.
I have these memories, so does he.
We’ll love each other so fierce ,
We’ll fight, we’ll make up,
’cause we cant stay mad at each other.
He’ll kiss me just to make me shut up because I talk so much.
He won’t cheat but he’ll know a lot of beautiful people.
I wont be jealous because I trust him.
He’ll realize i’m amazing cause really I am.
When I love I love with all my heart,
Lets just have that notebook…

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20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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