My Best Friend

Let me tell you about my father, my best friend, my everything
Hmmn you wouldn’t believe I’m talking about the King of kings, Presidents of all presidents, Owner of the universe, Oba ti o fi imole se aso ibora, Agbani Lagbatan, The unchangable changer, Invisible God-Miracle Worker, Jehovah Tiberah!, God who answers by Fire !
Yes! That’s my best friend
He came down to die from the highest most beautiful of all places- where there’s only joy and laughter to this earth
Yes this earth- where there’s hate, sorrow, wickedness, pains, shame…
Ah you too you’re wondering why ?
‘Cause of me,
‘Cause of you too,
He saw everything that I would face
The wrong decisions I would make,
This was over 2000 years ago,
Didn’t tell you ?
My best friend is Omnipresent, Ageless, Changeless, The alpha and the omega, The beginning and the end
Yes He is always here oh
So He died for my mistakes
My shame
My flaws
He was beaten for my pain- By His stripes I’m healed
He suffered so much, carried a huge cross from the city to outside the city
Just so they could nail Him to the cross
So I would be free
Free of depression,
Free of sickness,
So I would have grace- that sufficient grace
My Best friend, He’s always there interceding on my behalf
Even when He knows that I will do it again
“His love goes deep enough to forgive the unforgivable”
He said “In this world you would have troubles, Take heart that I have overcome the world”
He had to go so He’ll prepare a beautiful place for me in heaven, after having the victory over all,
He knew now I’d be fine
Promised to send me the Holy spirit to guide & comfort me & He did
My best friend ALWAYS does what He says He will do
He is able to do far beyond what I can ask or think
He’s my Anchor in the Storm- The Storms of Life
Words would never be able to describe the lover of my soul or what he has done for me, For us.
It’s my pleasure to share my best friend with you.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

3 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Did you ever have a friend when you were little, that no one but you could see; who went everywhere you went, and was as real as real can be?
    Who was smaller than a mouse… much smaller, bigger than a house… way bigger, and everywhere in between. Oh how was it possible that no one could see you… no one could see you but me.
    Now that I’m grown, I am still not alone; your always a whisper away. We talk from the minute I wake up, and all through my day.
    You remind me when I forget and find the things that I lose. You tell the funnest jokes that make me laugh sooo loud. Why does no one get me? No one gets me but you.
    You are my best friend.

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