“No New Me”

There’s a new me evolving,
I didn’t plan on it,
“No New Year, New Me”, I told myself.
No resolutions either,
I thought I was fine,
But like always I needed My Best Friend’s help,
Can’t do nothing on my own,
There’s no me without Him,
So He’s teaching me to Trust Him in a way I’ve never done,
With everything happening with me that’s what I can sum up,
To Trust Him in storms,
To not give up cause He has not given up,
I’m high on this faith that takes me through every day,
So high that it scares me
I’m not perfect,
Far from it really,
But i’m learning to dance in the rain, to praise in the storm,
Although I fail and fall short every other time,
I know i’ll be fine,
Not because Time heals hurts,
But because my Best Friend said He won’t ever leave or forsake me,
I hear Him sometimes,
Loud and clear.
And to me that’s joyous and calming,
Learning to be like Him.
Learning to forgive-
It seems really hard at times but He always forgives me,
More than the 70 x 7 times i’m to forgive my neighbor,
Parable Of The Unmerciful Servant got me thinking.
Learning to love myself-                                                                                                           Staring today I wondered if “What if I had real skinny thighs, I’d look really hot.”
I realized I’m my color, size, height, because God saw me and thought,                        “This would be perfect for you”
I’m not too fat or too dark or “too” anything because He made me perfect.
Perfect and Beautiful.
Made In His Image.
Learning to be a woman of integrity,
Learning to let Thoughts of God consume my mind-
I found out “Whatever you consumes your mind, controls your life”,
If you care about a person’s opinion, you would take every single action
( and I mean every Itty Bitty action) based on what that person would think.
Learning to Trust.
Praying For Grace and a Thankful Heart.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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