So here I am having my idea of a lazy Saturday, with my roommate out all day I found myself dancing to loud christian music- Jeremy Camp is an amazing singer, I made a to-do list and dancing around the room was on that list. (You should listen to Twale by Flo)

Here’s what my list looks like:

1. Find that URL
2. Assignments – School work
3. Collects notes & text books
4. Check college portal
5. Update Anti-virus
6. Get proper earphones
7. Fill Jessica’s questionnaire
8. Wash your clothes
9. Blast Music ^_^ Jeremy Camp.

I started with the easy ones like no.9, still haven’t done all I’m supposed to do but most of it. I ended up watching a movie and I found myself looking through Bella Naija Weddings, I’ve checked out more than 10 different weddings today. Weddings are so beautiful, the stories on how they met and the proposal were absolutely cute. The dark brides are my favorites (lol i’m quite dark).

I’m a hopeless romantic and a certified day dreamer. Amazing meeting, Handsome God- loving man, Fairy-tale ( Simple & Classy) wedding in December: I want it so bad, when the time is right of course. It is going to be amazing because guess who is writing my love story ? God. I’m badder than y’all. lol. The “how we met” stories that got me were the secondary school sweethearts and the ones where they kept meeting at different places, what I love most is when the bride and groom are God lovers. In one of the stories, the bride goes, ” I would be sad and he would pray with me”. Finding a best-friend in your husband is one of the best things ever. Then someone who loves you so much. One of the pictures though, the love on his face when he was looking into her eyes, one word- wow. Even the parents would be proud and satisfied.

The wedding video i’m watching now, all I can say is Lord bless thoughtful men, he sent her a watch along with a letter, she almost ruined her make up ( it could be fixed in no time). The song playing though :’) “God bless the broken roads that led me straight to you”

Okay enough of my rants. I decided why not come up here and rant rather than getting up and ranting to someone who is quite busy or occupied in their Saturday “thing”.

Happy New Month 🙂 Hope your February is filled with love and peace. x



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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