Here I Stand


Young, Dark skin, brown contact eyed girl walked into School on the first day,
Wary yet excited,
Both for the 4 years to come,
Why did it have to be here ?
Who were all these people ?
How do I survive ?
She stepped into a whole new world in a blink of an eye.
New faces,
New responsibilities,
A whirlwind of events over the four years,
Events that caused hurts,
Ones that made her whole again,
There were good and bad times,
Both from which lessons were drawn,
They say people always leave and some did,
Unfortunate circumstances ripped friends away
But that is life.
It’s nothing without leaving or moving on,
It’s something we all have to deal with,
Words would never be enough to describe these years,
Maybe I will try next time.

Four years now,
A young woman stands slightly lighter but dark all the same,
no brown contacts rather wisdom and understanding.
Having access to the keys of success in life
Here I stand again,
Moving on to the unknown yet knowing the greatness that awaits.
Thankful for the years gone by in what seems like a flash of time,
Grateful for the people met along the way,
People whom may never cross path with till eternity,
Others that have become life-long friends,
Grateful for the circumstances that led me to Covenant University.
And Forever thankful for the man who had the vision, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Thank You Jesus.
It’s Onward and Upwards from here.
Butterflies in my tummy as I go into the real world out of the confinment of the walls of this
institution, into the big world where good and bad prosper, wicked men at war with good every other day.

Here I stand smiling in these days, trusting the maker of my soul. He who has begun a good work is faithful and just to bring it to completion.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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