Hey There…

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, well I’ve tried writing but I always end up saving it on my notepad & in the write-up folder. It either comes off to deep and confusing, cause that’s what I’ve been about for a while now.

Out of uni.now, graduated on the 27th of June. I went to NYSC camp for 3 weeks ( the experience was bad and good- everyday had its highs and lows). Serving my country for a year, that’s what my year is going to be about, well that and getting into grad. school. And… getting all the plans I wrote down for this year on the big orange paper behind my door done (Sneak Peek ? “Read 50 books” Lol I’m really going to try. This year is for me☺️. Starting work at a high school soon (Yh that’s how I’m to serve my nation, giving back to the youth). I’ll do that for bit till I get a word from God on what/where next. I was thinking of working at a company that’ll prepare me for grad. school. Trying to figure out everything on my own didn’t work out so well.

I can’t run ahead of God. Tried, Failed. He knows best.

Okay. I went to to beach today, I had fun ^_^. It had been a while since I visited a beach about 2 years ago. Today was Ibukun’s birthday get-together, I was so glad it was at the beach. I was telling Bubba the other day how I hadn’t been to one in forever and I really wanted to. I made him come. Bubba’s real name is H-man. Lol no really, it’s Harold. He’s my best buddy & y’know he’s Bubba     . We always have fun together- we’re both really silly, well he’s serious but I bring out the silly in him. Funniest thing happened on the way back, we tried to beat traffic but ended up not really beating traffic and my mum got upset because she didn’t see the reason why I took “a ship to get to London rather than a plane” ( I don’t really mean London, ship or plane.. but you get the logic don’t you ?) You see we are the good guys but we always seem to be the bad guys in the parent’s eyes. And stuff like this happens every-time ! .  Oh well if you’re going to get in trouble (not trouble trouble.. I mean i’m 21, I forgot to tell you this bit)  make sure the time was worth it. It always is.

So like I said, I omitted from the “what I’ve been up to” part of my piece that I was 21 on 1st August. I had  little get-together at my house. You’ve got to be grateful for family and friends, they’re important. My mum made Jollof rice and chicken, she got drinks too,I went out to get pizza and the cake. The presents ! My favorite part  , Bubba got me a Nikon camera, Doyin (sistuur-in-love) got me a new little black dress (I was happy- I cut my last one in a failed attempt to be creative, every girl should have a little black dress), Magbe got me a journal, Favour got me a diva book, Biola Baby got me cupcakes, Oyinda gave me a beautiful pearl necklace, Aunty gave me money $_$, Mum got me two dresses too beautiful to wear to just anywhere, Segunfunmi gave me love, gist and support, a family friend got me a bar soap and Dad got me a Laptop. The calls, voicenotes, texts, pings- I felt like a princess. Feel free to add anything else, my 21 doesn’t run out till 2015. Especially Ope.

Tired. Bye-Bye.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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