About A Queen

It’s been a while since I wrote anything.

Sitting here I’m overwhelmed with a feeling. I’ll call it love. I’ll call it admiration. I’ll call it gratitude.

Not for just anybody but for the woman God gave me to watch over me, protect and to love me. My Role model, my own personal virtuous woman, a woman I’m privileged to call my mother.

She carried me for nine months, fed me, bathe me, although I may not remember my first years I know my mum was always there for me.

From the stories I know she went through a lot to ensure I had the best of everything even when everything seemed to be working against her. My beautiful dress with red that I wear in the pictures, my mum bought it paying twice just so I would look beautiful, mum made clothes from her scarves, took care of my hair so well that I always got compliments.

I remember Corona days; my mum in her red Toyota Starlet would drive us to school (playing that medley tape that has “God never fails”, “It’s about the time to go home…but the faithful one has given us assurance that everything’s gonna be good” and other songs.) every other morning early and looking presentable. Mum would buy snacks from the woman who owned the kiosk across the school whose nickname was “YES-YES” not because she had to but so we would be happy.  Best times were during exams, mum would park her car behind the school and ask us questions so we wouldn’t fail, she gave her time to my brother and I, gave us her best. Mum knew the teachers and my friends. I remember how she would take me to birthday parties I was invited to and my friend’s house to play, sometimes she would wait, other times she would come back to get me.

She trained us and brought us up in the way of the lord. She beat bad habits and stubbornness away. There were times when I felt I was adopted and imagined I was switched at birth; little did I know that it was for my own good. She prayed for us and prayed with us.  I remember when mum would travel, she wouldn’t tell us when she was coming back, we would come back from school and find everything we wished for on our beds laid out ever so nicely, I would scream in joy and start looking for my angel who would be in the balcony lying down for fresh air.

My mum’s presence in a place made and still makes me feel comforted; I knew no one could mess with me once she was around because no one can mess with my mum- my own personal superhero! When she would drop me off with an adult to stay for a bit or to make my hair I would be quiet and feel timid but when my come comes around everywhere becomes lively, making jokes or saying something sarcastic. Yup. My mum is the coolest.

I remember…

“I remember my 10th birthday when we went shopping for my party pack in yaba and I had a lovely party in ikoyi club. I remember you took us there every Friday after school and paid for swimming lessons. I remember how you would lie down and let me play with your hair. I remember year 2000 in London. I remember advising you when you were unhappy, crying as you cried. I remember all the new clothes. I remember shopping for school bag and school shoes. I remember waiting you waiting as I wrote entrance exams. I remember…”

A proverbs 31 woman, she’s the most hardworking person I know. If I didn’t know before I know that now, I’m old enough to take care of the house when she travels and from that I know it is not easy! Far from it! For 23 years, on Sundays she wakes up as early as 4am to make the perfect English breakfast, my friends who have slept over would confirm the perfection ^_^. Every other day she wakes up early to get my sister ready for school, these past few days I haven’t slept well doing all that…

My mum’s personality is one of a kind. She is caring in her actions, not always with words. Mum points out what you are doing wrong and she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you what’s on her mind. She doesn’t keep things inside and resent you secretly. She tells you straight up and if you’re wise enough you will obey. Although, she says it’s rude to say an adult is shouting or yelling, mum can yell you into the ground. She has a good heart and loves to give. My mum is a God lover, God is her whole world and He’s been faithful. Doing things of God makes my mum happy, that and watching Mount Zion movies, let’s not forget talking on the phone (I’m so sure she’s Airtel’s best customer and she has been with them since they were called Econet, she bought her sim card for about 37k I think). Have I mentioned she’s beautiful inside and out, loves fashion- started with selling laces, now she has a boutique where she sells the most elegant of clothes. She dresses chief judges, pastors, bankers and other great women. Her style is simple yet elegant and for a 51 year old woman my mum is smoking hot!!!

Mum and I argue often because she thinks I’m lazy and I like to do things at my own time. I think the only true part is the latter, everyone is lazy sometimes- can’t always be pro-active. But I think I’m so much like my mum who also likes things done at her time. But my own time and hers are totally different.  Well, she’s the mother.

I’ll stop here, I could write a book if I’m to speak on my mum which I may do someday to inspire young people especially girls.

She didn’t have much then but she gave me her all.

She once said “I don’t have much but I have Jesus. And it’s this Jesus I have to give to you.”

My mum’s story is a beautiful one. It gives me hope and makes me know that all things really do work out for the good of those who love God.

Proverbs 31:28 says her children arise and call her blessed. This is a way of arising and declaring that my mum is the best in the whole world and indeed blessed. Many mothers have done virtuously, nobly and well but you excel them all.

Just a piece to let you know I love you. I may not be able to mention all you have done for us but I want to let you I remember every bit and I’m grateful for it.

My prayer is that we wouldn’t let you down and your efforts would not be in vain.

You gave us your all. And the fruit of your labour would show forth.

I will make you proud. I promise.

You said to send a mail of things I need but I realized you’ve provided so much that I couldn’t even think of one thing I seriously need. I have all I want. Indeed I’m not just lucky but blessed and I thank God for you.

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. In every prayer of mine I always make my entreaty and petition for you all with joy” – Philippians 1:3-4

Not to say we won’t have our differences most times. But to acknowledge you and let you know, you are loved, great woman. I’m very sure you touch lives even as you’ve touch my own.

I Love You

Olamide Wilson.



20. In Love with Jesus. Thinker. Blessed. iLove my mum.

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