The Wisdom of Fear Not.

How didn’t I know that being a child of God is equal to being fearless?

Never really thought of it that way, I may have embraced fear as a motivating factor, there was a time I would read just because of the fear of not writing anything in the exam hall and then I would get an A. Without knowing it, I welcomed fear. Realized today fear has no place here. Not even a tiny space.

I decided I was going to write on fear, earlier today I listened to a message that had the bullet point: Fear Not. It caught my attention.

But before I go into that, something about opportunities also caught my attention, Here’s what Pastor Victor said:

Most often opportunities presents itself as a problem in disguise, therefore embrace it.
When God wants to make you a showcase He presents a case before you. The giants of the scriptures were men and women that understood opportunity. They recognized and embraced it.
David, Daniel, Joseph, Esther… (Ask how)
Every opposition ahead of you is to affirm your upward position.
“Opportunity lost is blessing transferred.”
Don’t lose your opportunity.

Wisdom of Living: Wisdom of Fear Not

“Fear Not”

Whatever you are afraid of would happen.
If you are afraid of tomorrow, your fear would happen.
It’s not an emotional or psychological state, Fear is a spirit.
How do we know this?
2 Timothy 1:7, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
Fear is a spirit of bondage.
Don’t be afraid of what is coming ahead of you.
What is coming ahead of you is not bigger than you.
Fear not.
First people who became afraid? Adam and Eve.
♦ Fear erodes mentality.
You do things you wouldn’t do normally.
♦ It afflicts your confidence.
♦ It abuses personality.
♦ It loses identity. You can’t talk/stand where others are talking, easily intimidated…
♦ It reduces authority.
Job 3:25- “The thing I was afraid of answered.”
The thing you are afraid of the most would happen.
Fear is as powerful as faith.
Leave it to God and let life play it out.
Never be afraid.
Fear not was said 365 TIMES – One for each day. 
Balance your life.
Never be afraid of anything cause it is most dangerous and most destructive.
Fear not.
Enjoy God.
Don’t bother on tomorrow.
Celebrate your today.
Face your assignments with all your strength today, make a new name today.
Do it in an extra way-better today. Be a better person
Give it your best.
Maximize opportunities of today. And see how God would decorate your life.

The answer to the spirit of fear is the spirit of Faith. How is the spirit of faith manifested? I believe, therefore I speak. Speak life to your tomorrow. ♥ 

And She Laughs With No Fear of the Future….






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